Outdoor Party Menus

Written by Scott Martin
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Outdoor party menus don't have to converge into the general barbeque category each time. While there's nothing wrong with hovering over the grill, sometimes the same party food gets tiresome. Whether you're considering a birthday party menu, or even a wedding menu, the options for outdoor party menus are truly endless.

Your Best Bets for Outdoor Party Menus

Of course, one of the most important things about outdoor party menus is that the food be able to be served and consumed hot. You don't want to choose overly complicated dishes, or things which require optimal cooking conditions. (This is not the time to make a souffle!) Of course, if you're having your event catered, you can serve the most sumptuous food, and leave the cooking and worrying to someone else.

One popular option for outdoor party menus is seafood, which creates a nice middle ground between carnivores and vegetarians alike, and lends itself to beach locations. Additionally, fondue is also a popular option, and a nice variation on the barbeque, and a great way to get people to mingle (providing wind doesn't pose a problem). Of course, another popular option is to create or have catered your own fiesta--with easy to assemble Mexican food, and a mariachi band, to boot!

Regardless of what you serve, remember that how the food is prepared will mean a lot more than the type of food you select. For instance, you might be planning a seafood extravaganza, but have little experience in cooking this type of fare. In these cases, you might want to consider the catering options, as it can be worth the cost in avoided stress and time.

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