Outdoor Party Planning

Written by Scott Martin
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The first and primary consideration when undertaking outdoor party planning, is, of course, the weather. You don't want to be rained out, so it's vitally important that you choose a date that at least promises decent chances of fair weather. If that's not possible, make provisions for shelter (a tent perhaps), or a back-up plan. Likewise, if you live in a town or city that is prone to heat waves, you will want to consider renting umbrellas for shade. Additionally, you'll want to have a covered place for food if it will be sitting out for long periods in the heat, to make certain it doesn't spoil.

Tips for Outdoor Party Planning

Rentals can help make your outdoor party planning much easier. If it's cold, think about renting space heaters--even one could do the trick, and often makes the party more enjoyable for all. If you are planning a function that could continue (or begin!) after nightfall, you'll want to be sure to rent adequate lighting (or be prepared to do without).

Likewise, keep the drink selection appropriate for both the average attendee, and the weather. No one appreciates blended margaritas on a chilly night; and likewise, no one grabs for hot coffee on a blistering day. Additionally, remember not to let your tablecloths blow into your food spread--you can purchase or request small weights that attach to the tablecloth, to keep your tables tidy and clean.(Some people even use heavy beads or fishing weights as a makeshift way to accomplish this.)

Finally, candles can be used (safely) to help warm a nighttime outdoor party or wedding, as well as provide light. You might also consider insect repellant candles for nighttime affairs, so long as you keep them at a distance, as their scent can be overpowering. One natural insect solution is to strategically place several mint plants around the party area--to allow guests the luxury of not being treated as a collective buffet by bugs!

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