Outdoor Summer Party Ideas

Written by Scott Martin
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Outdoor party ideas are in high demand year-round. In the sultry heat of the summer months, the warm weather makes everyone want to socialize in the night air. In the fall and winter, people are looking to break the monotony with a party (and spaceheaters do wonder for outdoor parties in the colder months!). A unique party can be a bright spot in any calendar month, with the right theme and spin.

Three Fun Outdoor Party Ideas

Don't let the stars be the only thing that sparkle at night, and throw a "glow in the dark" party. Using glow in the dark or glittery decorations, you also can encourage guests to dress up in their favorite flashy eveningwear. For kids, you might suggest that they come as a character or thing that glows in the dark (expect to see some cute youngsters dressed as fireflies and angels). For added effect, you might consider scheduling a glow in the dark party for the night of a meteor shower, and let it take center stage as the main event.

Another wonderful outdoor party idea is a time warp gathering. Recreate the "Summer of Love" with a '60s theme party, or throw your own sockhop. Adults and children alike love indulging in a blast from the past, and an outdoor setting gives people plenty of space to roam and socialize. You might even consider throwing together a mix of tunes to play during the gathering, to really bring the nostalgia level to a new high.

And what is more fun than an outdoor rodeo? People love cowboy-themed parties, largely because they are easy to dress for, and are guaranteed to be boisterous! Add some country music, steak or BBQ, and a few hay bales, and you're ready for a hoe-down!

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