Planning A Class Reunion

Written by Scott Martin
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Planning a class reunion can be a wonderful undertaking, but with it comes plenty of expectation. Of course, the milestone reunions are the ones that are attended at the higher rates, so if you're planning a five-, 10-, or 20-year reunion, you'll want to take extra care to get the details in place. On a basic level, planning a class reunion starts with drafting the guest list, which sounds a lot easier than it is. With changes of location, and breaks in constant contact, tracking down your senior class can be the first hurdle you must pass.

Planning a Class Reunion Well

Once you have drafted your guest list and compiled contact information, you'll most likely want to settle on a theme. Themes at class reunions can be especially effective, as they bring a sense of bonding and cohesiveness to the group. One popular idea is the "blast from the past" angle--finding decorations and music that will bring each alumni back to his or her glory days.

Of course, food will need to be planned out, as well. However, this is where past and present diverge--the regular party snacks of youth probably won't meet adult tastes. You'll want to provide beverages, perhaps champagne, and hors d'oeuvres that present a classy fare to party attendees. Decorations are equally important, and location will need to be decided upon. While the old alma mater is always a popular choice, it's certainly not your only one. You might consider planning a class reunion at a restaurant in your school's town, or even renting a hall for the event. Of course, with the right planning, any location set under the stars can be spectacular.

You'll also want to plan the entertainment for your event. While a disc jockey is oftentimes the easiest choice, there might be a more creative one you could choose. For instance, was there a high school rock band that could be reassembled and perform at the reunion? Do you have an attendee who has become a stand-up comic, and might want to perform a short routine? The more you can integrate class members into the event, the more memorable it will be.

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