Public Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Public speakers have the potential to enliven what might otherwise be a dull event. Celebrities from entertainment, sports, or the public sphere often provide a much-needed jolt of electricity to uninspired gatherings. Celebrities give people something to talk about when they go home to family and friends. Sometimes non-celebrities--experts in a specific industry, or simply talented, charismatic people who know how to hold an audience--can have the same effect.

Booking the right public speaker is not as simple as it seems. Know your audience. For some crowds, Condoleeza Rice may be the dream speaker. For others, Jerry Rice may be a better fit. Think twice before asking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to a convention of ministers.

The variety of public speakers available is dazzling. Speakers bureaus represent people from every walk of life. There are countless talented inspirational and motivational speakers. Someone you may never have heard might have the talent to leave your audience wowed, jaws on the floor. Watch video demos of speakers you are considering is going to be a big help in deciding which speaker you want to hire. Try to start early. Many public speakers are in great demand and their schedules can be tight.

Public Speakers Can Be Affordable

Of course, the big name public speakers can cost quite a bit. But you can save money by hiring a speaker whose celebrity is limited. Certain people may be heroes within your industry, and be complete unknowns outside of it. Speaking fees for this group may fit better within tight budgets.

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