Rhode Island Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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Rhode Island clambakes do more than make an excellent meal. Clambakes have brought Rhode Island communities together for centuries, dating back to before the 17th century. From littleneck clams to fresh lobster, the bakemasters of Rhode Island have been treating locals to fresh seafood in a traditional style, and continue to do so to this day.

Rhode Island Clambakes in Your Own Home

For those who don't live in Rhode Island, you can enjoy the thrill of the Rhode Island clambake in the comfort of your own backyard. From family reunions to graduation parties, to wedding receptions, clambakes are available through online ordering to both inland and coastal clientele. In fact, some clambake delivery companies even offer clambakes that are shipped in the cooking dish itself, making for easy preparation.

Cooking options are diverse; you can cook a clambake over a grill, in the kitchen, or for the adventurous, over an open flame. Most clambakes with also come with side dishes, and the best will include the traditional sausage. Corn and potatoes are often found at clambakes, too, often mixed with onions.

Of course, the clambake experience is not confined to the clams themselves. You can enjoy lobster in a variety of forms, including lobster oriental or Newburg, as well as the popular and easily prepared scalloped lobster. Whatever your tastes, you can usually have your clambake delivered straight to your home, cutting down on preparation time, and making the bake a snap.

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