Sales Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Sales speakers can motivate a sales force in a way that is impossible for people inside the company to do. People inside a given business are always seen as having their own interests at heart, no matter how great they are at public speaking. Professional sales speakers are inspiring because they are not invested in any given company's outcome, but speak on principle, for the love of the game. After their presentations, a sales force can walk away with new sense of mission and possibility.

Kenneth Blanchard is one such inspirational speaker. Dr. Blanchard is known as one of the most insightful men in business today. He is also one of most sought-after speakers in business, combining humor and great storytelling to make his lessons seem simple.

Dr. Blanchard is author and co-author of 18 books, including "The One Minute Manager," which has sold over ten million copies worldwide. The book has had a profound impact on the day-to-day operations of countless companies. The National Speakers Association gave Dr. Blanchard its highest honor, the "Council of Peers Award of Excellence," in 1991, only one of the many honors he has received.

Sales Speakers Fire Up the Crowd

Seasoned sales speakers like Kenneth Blanchard have attained celebrity status within the field. There are dozens of other high-caliber motivational speakers out there; Speakers bureaus represent some of the best. The Internet is a great place to begin researching sales speakers and find one you believe will hit home with your audience.

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