Seminar Speakers

Written by Will Baum
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Seminar speakers are a group as varied as the topics of the seminars taking place around the country at this very moment. A great seminar speaker can be anyone. Some seminar speakers are people unused to the limelight, getting a rare opportunity to share their expertise with a group of like-minded thinkers. Other seminarians are professional speakers who bring polished presentations to their audience.

A seminar is a meeting for an exchange of ideas. Ideal seminar speakers are as close to the origin of any given idea as possible. Why hire just the reporter when you can also have the person being reported on presenting their ideas in their own words? If you're holding a seminar about National Security, you would bring in an author who has given the subject some thought, but at the same time, wouldn't it be interesting to hear from Condoleeza Rice?

Who better than the National Security Advisor to discuss National Security? Dr. Rice was the primary foreign policy adviser on George W. Bush's campaign for the White House. Once elected, President Bush appointed Dr. Rice to her post on December 17, 2000. At the time, the administration faced a world in transition between the Cold War and the unknown future. The future arrived all too soon. On September 11th, Condoleeza Rice's job was transformed. She became a central figure in President Bush's War on Terror.

Seminar Speakers Educate and Entertain

Not every seminar calls for a Condoleeza Rice. You know best what seminar speakers will fit into your program. Speakers bureaus are an excellent source of professional speakers--they represent hundreds. The Internet is an ideal place to look for seminar speakers, no matter what the topic of your seminar. The right speakers for you are out there.

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