Speakers Bureaus

Written by Will Baum
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Speakers bureaus help match the right speaker with the right event. They are the middlemen who make the world of public appearances run smoothly. Every imaginable type of speaker is available through a good Speakers Bureau.

Speakers Bureaus handle world-famous icons and they handle people you may have never heard of. Entertainers, sports legends, and public figures are all represented. They are the missing link between Jay Leno, Johnny Bench, Condoleezza Rice, Suzanne Somers, and Tom Brokaw. Ethicists, Futurists, Comedians, and Business Leaders--the list of people represented by Speakers Bureaus is as long as it is varied.

Another function of speakers bureaus is as gatekeepers. Anyone with money to spend on a fancy promo packet and a decent suit can call themselves a speaker. But holding an audience requires more than a packet and an outfit. Speakers bureaus have vetted all the personalities they represent, weeding out all but the best presentations by the most talented speakers.

Only Trust Reputable Speakers Bureaus

The Internet is a great source for research about speakers bureaus. Several bureaus compete for the same business, but there are real differences in quality between bureaus. Only trust a bureau that has an established reputation and a long track record. Look for a company that has handled everything, from Presidents to Quarterbacks to magicians. In addition to checking a speakers bureaus celebrity list, check their client list to get an idea of how they rate. Don't risk wasting your time and money. Try to make sure you're working with one of the top ten firms in the country.

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