Special Event Planning

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Sooner or later, into everyone's life comes the day she (usually she) realizes she is in charge of planning a special event. That said, men with an eye for meticulous detail, or a flair for entertaining, do relish such occasions and make careers of them. Often the occasion is a wedding, where almost everything can go perfectly, or almost everything can go wrong. In fact, weddings are so fraught with nerve-wracking "what ifs" that some professional photographers will not do weddings, leaving them for the specialists.

Actually, a specialist is what you need for any special event. That isn't to say every planner started out as a specialist. Some things are only learned by doing, after all. Although a course in the basics starts an event planner off on the right foot. A planner who is grounded in reality, as well as blessed with a vivid imagination, will obtain and retain clients on a regular basis.

Other Special Events

Outside of weddings, other special events include: a corporate party, a groundbreaking for a new civic building, an awards banquet, a golden wedding anniversary, a trade show, a fundraising event, a bon voyage party, a retreat, an executive seminar, and so forth. Once the client has decided on the type and name of the event they want to hold, then the details have to be worked out, in order. However, the client often needs the planner to guide them in choosing the type of event, since they are unsure of what is feasible or affordable.

The when and the where are at the top of the list in special event planning, although both are subject to change. This is because a favored venue may not be available on a particular date and the date cannot be changed. That being the case, there should be alternative preferences for the where.

On the other hand, if a corporate event is rescheduled several times in order to get the only location the executives will consider, other staffers do become irritated. It is less than helpful to team spirit, if employees have to constantly change medical and dental appointments, or even vacation plans, due to "mandatory" attendance at a staff meeting. The boss will need to sell them on the excitement of attending, or they will regard and receive the dog and pony show with something less than enthusiasm.

Additional High Priorities

Almost any event that requires detailed planning has a food and beverage element. Food socializes people and fills their need for nourishment. An attendee who has not taken in anything but ice water for several hours will be uncomfortable. He or she will lack the ability to concentrate on what presenters are saying.

Feeding people may mean a catered sit-down meal, but that is not always a requirement. Buffet selections, where people can walk around with a small plate in their hands, or sit in a cozy corner, also work well for certain events. Special dietary needs will need to be considered, depending on your audience. Not everyone can tolerate salads, any more than others can handle spicy food, or chocolate mousse.

Sound equipment should be the best the budget can afford. If no one can hear anything beyond the person on either side, the event will not be the success it should be. The same can be said of video equipment, whether an LCD projector is required for showing PowerPoint® slides, or a video camera will be recording the company president's speech.

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