Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Written by Scott Martin
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If you're looking for fun in the sun, finding the right summer birthday party ideas can seem like a difficult task. When the weather heats up, those blessed with astrological signs falling in the summer months can't resist the footloose urge to celebrate. Perhaps it's the warm weather, or the lazy and long summer evenings, but something about the warmer months lends itself to a party--and some summer birthday ideas are ones which you can adapt to anytime of year.

Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you're seeking out ideas for your own birthday party, or planning for someone else, the truth is that the best ideas are the unique ones. Few people will be talking for years to come about a standard potluck-and-cake get-together. However, a clambake under the stars with live entertainment is something that guests will be hard-pressed to forget.

This brings us to the notion of beach and pool parties. These venues make for excellent backdrops to your summer birthday parties. Consider a daytime party with a luau theme and Hawaiian fare, or a nighttime extravaganza with chinese lanterns hanging and an open grill. Perhaps a formal affair in an outdoor grove, or a casual affair on the sand, can bring a touch of romance to your birthday party.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Children

For children, you'll want to make the gathering as fun (and wet!) as possible. Consider planning relay races, squirt gun fights, or hiring a guitarist to help the kids in a sing-a-long. A water balloon toss (with proper supervision) is also a party favorite.

As for themes, children's parties too often fall prey to the latest fad theme of the day. While centering your child's party around a particular movie or fad is a safe bet, these themes tend to lose children's interest. Instead, think of a simple theme that might appeal to all the children in the group--for instance, an iced tea party for little girls (with sandwiches and cookies), or a "down under" Australian theme for little boys to play adventurer in the sun.

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