Traditional Clambakes

Written by Scott Martin
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Traditional clambakes don't have to take place on the beach. In fact, backyard clambakes are becoming more and more popular, especially in this internet age. Regardless of where your location is, you have fresh and ready-made clambakes delivered to your home, requiring only easy cooking and atmosphere for a classic clambake.

Decorating for Traditional Clambakes

Whether you decide to do all the preparation, or leave it to the expert bakemasters, you'll be responsible for setting the tone of your clambake. Of course, themes are helpful in creating at atmosphere, and can run the gamut from beach party themes to "under the sea" variations. However, perhaps one of the most influential parts of your clambake will be the decorations you decide on.

One excellent and practical idea is to use fishing weights to keep tablecloths down and out of the way. This is especially helpful if you have a paper or lightweight tablecloth, and can add a decorative accent to your table settings. For table centerpieces, you might want to consider fresh cut flowers, placed in a shallow vase lined with seashells. Fishing nets also make an excellent accent, when draped across the front of a table.

Of course, one of the first rules of decorating for traditional clambakes is to keep the decorations authentic. You'll also want to consider the occasion--balloons and streamers always work for a birthday party, and for an outdoor wedding reception, white flowers, and elegant covered candles (or perhaps even lanterns) work wonderfully. Be creative, and remember that the best draw of traditional clambakes is the sumptuous food itself--which can be garnished and "decorated" itself, to boot!

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