Wedding Reception Ideas

Written by Scott Martin
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Wedding reception ideas don't have to be the same ones passed on from generation to generation in your family. In fact, while it's nice to keep with tradition in wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions are a wonderful time to make the event truly your own. Today's modern wedding reception can be anything you desire it to be--and located just about anywhere you desire.

Wedding Reception Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

You might want to plan a wedding by the water--and what better way to treat your guests at a reception than to have it aboard a cruise ship or yacht! Whether docked or navigating new waters (just like you and your spouse), you can fashion a classy clambake, or upscale reception while embarking on a symbolic voyage.

Another wonderful wedding reception idea for the budget-minded is to hold the event at a residence. Today's caterers can go anywhere you need them to, and can create an impressive spread at any locale. Furthermore, the right decorations (a flower arch, for instance) can make any location come to life (and love!).

Regardless of where you decide to hold your reception, you will probably benefit from hiring a wedding planner, if you can afford to do so. This takes the burden off your shoulders, and allows you to focus on the important parts of the big day--your friends and family. With someone else worrying about the details, you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your wedding reception ideas materialize.

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