Wedding Reception Locations

Written by Scott Martin
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Perhaps you are planning a wedding, and are touring possible wedding reception locations in the process. While you might have considered the standard locations--multi-purpose rooms, church annexes, and restaurants--you might be seeking a location with a little more personality. Remember that nearly any unique, affordable location will do, as you will more than likely have the event catered.

Possible Outdoor Wedding Reception Locations

More of my friends are considering oceanside weddings, even into the fall and winter months. The conundrum then centers around what sort of reception to plan while situated on the beach. A barbeque or clambake is perfect for an outdoor beach wedding--and adds a sense of spontaneity to your nuptuals.

Likewise, these options are also excellent choices for a woodsy wedding. One of the most beautiful ceremonies I've attended took place in San Francisco's Stern Grove, in a picturesque evening forest setting. For those who are not drawn to the traditional, fancified church weddings, communing with nature as you say your vows in outdoor wedding reception locations can be a spiritual experience all its own. With the right catering, to suit the mood, your reception can also have a natural and classy feel to it.

Advantages to Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Not only are these outdoor wedding reception locations serene, they tend to lower your overall wedding costs. With a simple tent, or some well-placed (and safely placed!) candles, you can transform nearly any outdoor location into a romantic setting. Add reasonably-priced, tasty catering to your event, and some outdoor event furniture rentals, and you can save big on hall rental fees, while creating a personal, beautiful reception.

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