Falling Stars: Lindsay Lohan

Written by NJames
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With so many celebrities heading to rehab, or prison, people are wondering--who's next? Lindsay Lohan is one of many Hollywood stars to fall; whether or not she'll rise again is up to her. However every cloud has a silver lining, and there is hope. Drew Barrymore battled substance abuse before she could drive a car, and today she is one of Hollywood's favorite leading ladies. A comeback is always possible.

It's hard to understand what someone like Lindsay is feeling because our lives aren't under a microscope like hers; we don't have cameras flashing non-stop, ready to capture one mistake. Will these celebrities learn from their mistakes? I suppose only time will tell. Stars rise and fall in Hollywood every day, and only the brightest will continue to shine.

This morning a woman in line at the grocery store stared at Lindsay Lohan's tear-stained face on the cover of a magazine. "Can you believe how stupid celebrities can be?" she asked. "Well, I remember how I was at twenty-four," I told her. The truth is, we've all been young and stupid; if you think you haven't, you're lying. In the end, we can learn from the past; we can grow from the past.

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are given so much power at a young age, that when things get out of control, it's nearly impossible to stop. Are situations like this preventable? Miley Cyrus is seventeen, rich, and successful. She isn't out clubbing every night, and her parents take an active interest in her safety and reputation; she's their daughter first, and a celebrity second. For stars like Lindsay, lessons have to be learned before growth is possible. That's not showbiz--that's life. In the meantime, we'll be waiting for Lindsay's comeback. Even in a tough town like Hollywood, there are second chances.

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