Bass Guitars

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The double bass guitar is the predecessor of the modern electric guitar. While the history of the double bass extends back to the 1500s, today we are indebted to Leo Fender for his invention of electric bass guitars in the second half of the 20th century. Jazz, blues, country, and rock all utilize the melodic sounds of bass guitars.

Different Types of Bass Guitars

Bass guitars come in two varieties; acoustic and electric. The acoustic variety has been a favorite of musicians for generations and comes in many varieties. For example it can have 4 strings or 5, and the body can vary in length, width, and depth. Selecting the right one for you should be done with the advice of a professional.

The electric bass guitar has had a tremendous effect on the development of music since its creation. Its smaller size has made it much more common than the older larger double bass guitar and its revolutionary sounds entice the ears of the listener. Its unique musical qualities have made the electric bass guitar a centerpiece of modern musical performance.

Whether you prefer the electric or acoustic variety, one thing is certain, there are tons of high quality bass guitars out there and one that is sure to fit you musically, stylistically, and financially.

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