Beginner Guitars

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Even legendary musicians started on beginner guitars at some point. What sets beginner guitars apart from other guitars is more a matter of degree than type. They are basically the same as regular guitars, just with fewer options.

Beginner Guitars and You

One of the great things about beginner guitars is their low cost. Manufacturing methods have improved the associated cost savings that have been passed down to consumers. Beginner guitars are more affordable than ever. A beginner guitar is a perfect gift idea for the aspiring musician in your household.

Beginner guitars are geared toward the musical essentials without the extraneous trappings. It's all about the music at this stage of development and so these guitars are meant to be simple without the gimmicks. Beginner guitars have a solid, clear sound and have less options than other guitars.

Almost all the well known guitar companies manufacture a guitar for beginners. Epiphone makes one of the best overall models for beginners, as does Squier and a host of others. They are all well made and low cost. These beginner guitars feel just like the "real" thing.

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