Electric Guitars

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Electric guitars have assumed a place of unparalleled importance in modern music. The design and development of electric guitars has evolved dramatically since the 1920s through tireless efforts of designers, engineers, musicians, and inventors.

The Development of Electric Guitars

Originally conceived of as merely a louder guitar, the electric guitar has been embraced by musicians the world over for its innovative contribution to the world of music. It has been transformed from a louder version of a traditional guitar into a dynamic and prominent instrument in its own right.

Today, the electric guitar more than any other instrument symbolizes musical innovation and creativity. The image of the musical and screen idol is directly tied to the powerful sounds of this incredible instrument. The electric guitar is the heart and soul of rock and roll and the various musical styles that grew out of that tradition.

Electric guitars come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find ones made for kids, girls, and left handers in an assortment of colors. You'll also find that these instruments come in a wide range of price, from low cost models for first timers to priceless antiques for collectors.

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