Epiphone Guitars

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Epiphone guitars have a long and distinguished history. Originating in Greece, they are now one of the premiere brand names in American music. These guitars, designed by musicians for musicians, are some of the highest quality instruments on the market.

Features of Epiphone Guitars

If you buy an Epiphone guitar you can be assured that you've bought a high quality instrument. Epiphone guitars are the choice of musicians. They've been used by everyone from blues legends to rock icons like the Beatles. Musicians choose Epiphone because they know that the company has a passion for making the best guitars around.

Aside from musical qualities, Epiphone has become one of the most popular guitars available because of its mass appeal. Epiphone guitars come in almost 50 different colors, spanning the spectrum from Airstream Aluminum to Worn Cherry. In addition, Epiphone guitars come with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business.

The Epiphone brand is now owned by Gibson, one of the major players in the music industry. Epiphone is backed by Gibson's extensive customer service and support network. Be confident that if you ever have any questions or problems with Epiphone guitars, there will be a knowledgeable serviceperson or technician available to help you out.

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