Guitar Amps

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Whether you're a hard core musician or just experimenting, guitar amps can seriously add to your musical experience. The actual technology for guitar amplification can be somewhat difficult to understand, but with just a few simple things in mind you will know which amp is right for you.

Guitar Amps 101

Genes are the basic building blocks of life, and tubes are the amp equivalent of genes. The tubes in guitar amps are the foundation of complex interrelated systems that give the amp its distinctive properties and nuances. Proper maintenance of the tubes ensures your amp continues to run at peak efficiency.

Temperature is the major factor affecting the performance of an amp. The tubes in the amp are very sensitive to extreme temperature and to sudden changes in temperature. Changes in temperature can cause the sound produced by an amp to change dramatically. Don't expose your amp to extreme conditions and exercise caution when changing tubes and your amp should sound great for years on end.

Safety must also be considered where guitar amps are concerned. An improperly wired amp can cause electric shock if you're not careful. Make sure to properly ground your amp before you begin and you can avoid a nasty surprise.

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