Guitar Cases

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Guitar cases are a must for all guitar owners. Guitars are highly sensitive musical instruments, and exposure to the elements and transportation mishaps can damage your guitar.

The ABC s of Guitar Cases

Guitar cases are designed to protect your instrument. The exterior should be tough and durable to protect against trauma and weather. The interior should be plush to protect against scratches and to keep your guitar in perfect condition. Guitar cases are to guitars as shells are to turtles.

Just as each guitar is unique, so too do cases differ. Guitar cases are specific to a particular manufacturer and design. For example a Dreadnought guitar should be kept in a Dreadnought guitar case. Cases are often designed with a mind to reduce bulkiness for easier storage and transportation.

Cases come in different designs and are made of different materials. Traditional cases feature metal hinges and a hard shell. Other guitar cases are made of a foam-like material. Some have a shoulder strap in addition to a handle and others have pockets for accessories.

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