Guitar Effects

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Modern technology has led to more and better guitar effects. By choosing the right product, you too can create dozens of different effects and make your playing sound like the pros. The more whistles and bells you have available, the more fun you can have playing the guitar.

Different Guitar Effects

Whatever the effect you're going for, you'll surely find a product to match your expectations. One thing you'll definitely want to have is a combiner/selector. With this you can have one guitar split to two different amplifiers. You can freely switch from one amp to the other or combine the sound in new and interesting ways.

The combiner/selector is a low cost accessory and generally comes with a manufacturer's warranty. This essential piece of equipment is affordable, dependable, and versatile. It is a must have to produce those wonderful guitar effects you desire.

Another great product for producing guitar effects is the wah pedal. Modern design features a switchless pedal so there's no need to ever replace bad switches. This machine will ensure a clear tone and with no switches, there's nothing that will go bad.

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