Guitar Pedals

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Guitar pedals add those effects that separate proficient playing from dynamite playing. The addition of pedals into your skill set will separate you from all the wanna-bes. Get ready to make incredible music with you, your guitar, and your pedals.

What Do Guitar Pedals Do Anyway?

If you want to add octane to your playing, just add a wah pedal. It will kickstart your playing to a whole new level. Besides ensuring a clear tone for your guitar, a wah pedal gives your playing that live performance feel and extra power. Look for the Morley label if you want super high quality guitar pedals.

Some guitar pedals now incorporate a switchless design. Not only does this make playing easier, but because there are no switches, the switches can't wear out and require replacement. Versatility is another factor to consider, as some brands of guitar pedals will work for bass guitars too.

Whatever tone you want, there's a pedal out there that will help you achieve it. The Morley brand features quality American construction and an extensive warranty. It's easy to use and highly dependable.

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