Guitar Slides

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Guitar slides are a too often overlooked accessory. Nothing adds that unique touch quite like a slide. Different guitar slides imbue your guitar playing with different characteristics. One will give you a crisp, clean tone while another gives your music a bluesy feel.

Guitar slides are made of several types of materials. Glass is one of the most popular materials for slides. Glass slides are popular because they can give guitars a fuller, warm sounding tone or a nice blues touch. The glass slide is the most popular slide available today.

The other popular material for guitar slides is brass. Brass slides have a different sound and different appeal than glass. Brass slides sound cleaner than glass. They also have a brighter sound because of the metallic composition of the slide.

How Do I Choose Between Guitar Slides?

The great thing about guitar slides is that they are totally individual. The type of slide you pick is totally dependent on the type of sound you want to produce. I recommend trying both and then deciding. You might just find that different types of slides all give your playing unique characteristics and you might want to keep several types handy.

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