Guitar Straps

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Guitar straps are a must for any would be guitar virtuoso. Whether you play sitting down or standing up, a properly fitted strap allows you the freedom of movement and security you need to focus on the music. Straps aren't just utilitarian anymore. You can find a fashionable strap that will fit your personality and your music.

Guitar Straps for the Fashion Conscious

Looking for ways to express yourself in ways complementary to your musical outlet? Try finding a strap that fits your style and says something about you. There are many unique styles to choose from.

Today's guitar straps are available in leather or synthetic depending on your preference. They come in all colors and you can pick a strap with studs, jewels, faux fur, and tons of unique designs. Are you into retro and vintage fashion? How about a '60s hootenanny pattern? There's no limit to your options.

Guitar straps aren't just for holding up your instrument anymore. They are an essential part of your overall self expression through music. You can find a strap that speaks to you or have several for different occasions. Besides their obvious usefulness, guitar straps add an extra dimension of personal expression to your performance.

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