Written by Seth Cotterell
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Prologic is one of the best things to happen to sound systems. Originally envisioned by Dolby, Prologic has made home music experiences better for countless people. By creating a surround sound effect, music through Prologic is taken to a whole new level.

The History of Prologic

The actual technology needed for Prologic to function is quite complex. It is a revolutionary sonic technology pioneered by Dolby. It was first intended for use on home movie systems to give home viewed movies a more cinematic quality. The surround sound effect of Prologic stems from the addition of extra channels.

Sound decoders, of which Prologic is one of the best, are designed to utilize properties added by adding additional channels. The decoder extracts sounds and directs their distribution through the system. While originally confined to expensive electronic gear, technological advances have made this technology much more affordable since its original entry in the market.

Decoding technology is far too complex to explain here, but there are many techie sites you might want to visit for more scientific details. When you consider sound matrices, separation maps, time delay, and the host of other factors involved in decoder technology, it really is amazing that decoding devices are as common as they are today. No one wants poor sound, and Prologic is the best way to guarantee cinematic quality sound every time.

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