Spanish Guitars

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Of all the classical guitars, Spanish guitars are some of the most unique. The exotic sounds of the Spanish guitar have had a tremendous influence on flamenco music. The passionate sound of this instrument is equaled by the passionate devotion of its most loyal fans.

Spanish Guitars and Music

So what is it that sets Spanish guitars apart from other guitars? The major factor that distinguishes a Spanish guitar from other types of guitars is its construction. Most guitars, including Spanish ones, usually use spruce wood for the top. The major body construction, the sides and back of the guitar, in Spanish guitars is made of cypress rather than the traditional rosewood of other guitars.

The physical dimensions too are different. Traditional classical guitars are deeper than their Spanish counterparts. The top too is less thick than other guitars. Another difference is the strings. Classical guitar strings are set higher than those of Spanish guitars. All these characteristics give Spanish guitars a unique and distinct sound.

Spanish guitars are an excellent gift idea for beginners and experienced guitar players. The fast action of the lower string setting makes this a fun, exciting instrument to play. Its rich sounds evoke strong emotions and ignite the passions.

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