Adventure Games

Written by Serena Berger
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Adventure games plunge players into alternate realities, setting them on quests that they are unlikely to encounter in their lives. Some games feature characters that were developed in popular television shows, movies or comic books. Video games let these characters come to life and let players step into their shoes or venture forth at their sides.

Some adventure games require a number of skills, such as climbing, driving and shooting. While the objective of some of these games is to provide an arena for as much destruction as possible, other games focus more on strategizing or exploring. In these games, force is only used when absolutely necessary and combat is a trivial part of the game experience. Puzzles and stunning graphics can also be a big part of a totally nonviolent adventure game.

Role playing games (RPG) are one popular type of adventure game. In these games, players assume the role of a particular character or type of character, such as a sorceress or knight, and develop their character as the game continues. These games often feature vivid cinematic movies at critical moments in the game. Arguably the most popular RPGs on consoles are from the Final Fantasy series, which has more than 10 generations and has spawned a major motion picture.

The Appeal of Adventure Games

Adventure games let players become spies, mercenaries, magicians, or any number of characters that they'll never encounter in the real world. For most, it is the escapist element that is has the strongest appeal. If you are buying a game for children to play, however, it is important that they be able to differentiate what is fictitious and imaginary--including the violence that may be portrayed in the game--from what is real.

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