Anime Dvd Rentals

Written by Rylee Newton
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Anime has been around for nearly 100 years, but it as taken off in popularity with a series of children's cartoons and video games. Who could ignore the "Pokemon" craze, or the influence of such television shows as the "Power Puff Girls" and the "Power Rangers"? This genre has become so popular many video stores and websites have a special section for anime DVD rentals.

What is anime? It's basically Japanese animated movies. It was first introduced in 1917 in Japan with a series of short cartoons. It often deals with the world of the future and features robots and space age creatures. It's not uncommon to see small, wise animals in anime. Some would say anime exploded in the United States with the introduction of he "Pokemon" trading cards, video games, and the television series.

Locating Anime DVD Rentals

Locating anime DVD rentals can be difficult. Often this genre can be found in the children's section at the video store. It's harder to locate a larger selection of anime DVDs without going to a specialty video store. Most major rental companies feature only the most popular titles.

If you're looking for the most variety in anime DVD rentals you might want to check out the Internet. There are entire websites dedicated to providing you information and updates about the latest selections in anime. Many of the DVD movie rental sites have a special section devoted to anime. These sites are a great way to explore the world of Japanese animated films. You can start with the movies you already know, and then explore further with some of the unknown films in the genre.

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