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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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As video game consoles become more sophisticated, the games themselves grow increasingly expensive. The price to purchase two video games for Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube can now easily exceed one hundred dollars. After paying so much money, you would do well to only purchase games that you're sure about. However, this can prevent you from taking a chance on discovering new games, as no one wants to shell out over 50 bucks for a game that might be horrible. Fortunately, you can now rent video games from your own home, paying even less than you would at your local video store.

Most video rental stores charge late fees for games that are returned a certain number of days, usually five, after the initial rental. Online game rental services don't use a late-fee system, and instead allow members to rent three titles at a time, with no due date. However, members must return their current games before they can make any new selections, which ensures a high turnover. Instead of having to choose between returning a game rental before completing the game, or paying additional penalties for each day the game is overdue, gamers who rent online can keep their rentals until they're through with the game, without being charged extra.

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When you do choose to return your online game rentals, you can do so using the prepaid, addressed return envelope included with each rental. This lets you simply drop the disc in the mail, rather than race back to the store. As soon as your returned disc is received, the rental service sends you another game from your preselected rental wish list.

You can purchase an online game rental service membership for a monthly flat fee that's about equal to the cost of four or five rentals from a video store. The membership entitles you to unlimited monthly rentals for one low price, instead of charging for each individual game like most stores do. This means that, if you rent at least five games a month, the membership will already be paying for itself.

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