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Written by Wes Farrell
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"Buffalo 66" is an interesting, slightly surreal comedy available for rent on DVD. Written and directed by its star, Vincent Gallo, "Buffalo 66" is at once funny, melancholy, creepy, and heartwarming. The movie begins with Gallo being released from prison (it's later revealed for a crime that he didn't commit) after several years.

Gallo's childhood and family are glimpsed in flashbacks that show bizarrely distant parents (played by Ben Gazarra and Angelica Huston), and a severely strained home life. Gallo had never revealed his prison stay to his parents, and instead told them that he had a top-secret government job that prevented him from contacting them during his sentence.

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As Gallo heads to his parents home after his release from jail, he kidnaps a young lady (played by Christina Ricci) from her ballet class. Desperate to impress his parents, he tells Ricci that she must pose as his wife while visiting his parents, and then she will be free to go. The movie becomes increasingly surreal, as Ricci never seems to have any problem with being held hostage, and still hangs around with Gallo after they leave his parents home. The surreal atmosphere is heightened by several dreamy scenes, including a Gazarra breaking into song while talking to Ricci, and Ricci's impromptu dance recital at a bowling alley.

Overall, "Buffalo 66" is quite funny, and continuously engaging. As the mystery of Gallo's past unravels in the background, Gallo and Ricci start to emerge as kindred spirits. In addition to the weirdly growing relationship between Gallo and Ricci, the film drops hints via flashback about the events leading to Gallo's incarceration, culminating in his shocking plan for remedying the situation.

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