Dvd Game Rental

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Many online movie rental services also offer DVD game rentals as well, making them doubly popular, especially with kids and teenagers. Some game systems charge upwards of $50 and $60 for new titles, which is out of most teenagers' budgets. How then are kids expected to buy them? They're not--their parents are.

But parents are especially leery of plunking down $60 for a game that their kids may or may not enjoy. With DVD game rentals, however, there's no charge to check out the leading titles, even for days or weeks at a time. The same policies that let movie renters keep their titles indefinitely also apply to gaming enthusiasts, be they kids or adults.

The Best DVD Game Rental System Around

Oftentimes, the goal of playing a given game is to ascend through its various levels and ultimately win. There's a constant race going on between sophisticated gamers and programmers to see whose prowess wins out in the end. Sometimes, the gamers win, and a game loses its appeal in a mere matter of days. After that, it simply sits on a shelf and collects dust.

While this is a good thing for gaming companies (it gets kids to cough up more money for new titles), it's not an especially economical strategy for parents, who are the ones to foot the cost. With an online DVD rental program, however, it costs nothing to take out the latest sports or adventure game long enough to master it and move on to the next one. Of course, you do still need to buy the gaming console, though there are more and more places--typically stores--that rent those out as well.

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