Dvd In Motion Rental

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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DVD in motion rental services earned their name precisely for the way they sound. With these online movie rental programs, your selections are always in motion. If you've got three DVDs sitting on your television, it's possible that you also have three more en route to your house. It all depends on the type of service you choose.

Say you did sign up for a six DVD program. For a flat rate, you're entitled to draw six selections at a time. Maybe you rented the 'Godfather' trilogy and the original 'Star Wars' trilogy all together. Then you watched the three Godfathers (in one day? Don't you work?) and are ramping up for an all-day Lucas Fest tomorrow. While you're waiting for tomorrow to come, you can drop the first three in the mail, and as soon as they're back in stock, those 'Rugrats' DVDs are coming at you--automatically.

You Never Wait with DVD In Motion Rentals

Say for whatever reason you're facing a household-wide Lucas boycott and the 'Star Wars' trilogy is left sitting idly on your TV. If you know they're unlikely to be watched anytime soon, bundle them back up, drop them in your mail slot--the postage is already pre-paid--and get your next three movies (the ones behind 'The Rugrats' in your viewing queue) on the double. That's the best part of DVD in motion rental. There's never a wait.

In some cases, you may try to rent DVDs that are out of stock. If that's the case, your service will automatically send you your second-choice selection without your having to change a thing. And if you decide to reorder your queue to bump up a given title or delete another one altogether, it takes but a few mouse clicks and you're all ready to go.

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