Dvd Movie Online Rental

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Online DVD rental services are fast becoming a considerable rival for traditional video rental stores. Consumers are increasingly drawn to these businesses, which offer DVD renters the convenience of browsing and selecting movie titles from their home computer. In addition to the convenience of home-shopping, online DVD rental sites are also usually preferable to video stores when it comes to price.

Most video rental stores charge customers for each movie, and require that additional fees be paid if the movie is not returned within a stipulated period (usually one to five days). At many stores, the rental period varies for new and old releases, as well as DVD and VHS movies. What's worse is that some stores charge an additional late fee for each day a film is overdue, as opposed to each rental period. For example, you might rent a movie with a five day rental period for four dollars. However, if you return the movie two days after it was due, you might be charged for two additional rentals. As a result, it can be quite easy to rack up sizable late fees in a relatively quick period when renting DVDs from a traditional video store.

Advantages of DVD Movie Online Rental

Online DVD rental services usually don't charge late fees, or even stipulate a due-date for any rentals. Instead, most of these services allow you to keep DVDs for an unlimited amount of time, on the understanding that you must return a movie to receive another one. You can usually return online DVD rentals using postage-paid envelopes that come with the DVDs, making it all the more easy to simply drop a DVD in the mail when you are finished watching it, without having to worry about being charged if you don't return it on time.

In order to ensure a steady supply of the movies you want to see, most online DVD rental services ask you to compile a wish-list of your top rental choices. You can make your choices based on the site's online catalog, which also features helpful information about each film. After the company receives your list, they start sending you three DVDs at a time, based on your choices. The list ensures that, even if your first choice is currently out of stock, you can still receive a backup selection. Instead of being charged late fees, you are usually allowed to keep the DVDs indefinitely, but can only receive new ones after returning your selection.

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