Dvd No Late Charges

Written by Rylee Newton
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Many of us appreciate the convenience of renting movies from our local video store, but none of us appreciate getting stuck with those annoying late fees. Whether you forgot to return your movie, temporarily lost track of it, or just wanted to keep it an extra night, when you rent a DVD no late charges are good late charges.

How to Rent a DVD with No Late Charges

You can't walk into a rental store and shout, "DVD no late charges!" and expect anyone to honor your request. It would be nice, but it would also make for a very unpleasant shopping experience. Instead, you must abide by your rental contract. Video stores charge late fees because they need to keep their DVDs moving in a constant rental cycle if they want to make a profit. If they asked you nicely to return your movies on time, eventually there would be a problem.

One way to experience DVD no late charges is to rent movies online. Most online services offer unlimited rentals, which means no late fees. Instead, you pay a flat monthly rate. If you rent movies more than two times a month the service pays for itself.

There's something about avoiding those late fees that makes you want to keep doing business with a rental company. Even though the late fees are reasonable according to the contract you signed, they still make you mad. Late fees are like a slap on the hand, but who needs a slap on the hand when there's a simple way to avoid it?

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