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Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As technology rapidly improves, more and more film buffs are choosing DVD rental services over video memberships or retail stores. And why shouldn't they? DVDs offer better picture quality, loads and loads of add-ons and extras, take up less space, and can be played on laptop computers and portable players, making them far more versatile than tapes.

Across the country, most stores that once depended on tape rentals as a primary revenue stream are now out of business. There are exceptions, of course. Some video stores offer niche sections such as adult video, cartoons, cult classics, or video games. But by and large, it's impossible for these shops to compete with DVD rental services.

DVD Rental Vs. Retail

Just as music fans take pride in their CD, tape, or record collections, some cinephiles enjoy showing off their private movie libraries. Plus, they argue, prices have dropped so precipitously in recent years, that most tapes sell for only a couple of bucks. Why, they ask, should we rent DVDs when we only have to give them back?

Sure, there's a sense of pride that comes with ownership. And true collectors will continue to buy up movies, no matter what form they take, be it DVD, video, or celluloid. But the average person just wants to be able to see new releases, classics, and occasional B-movies with maximum convenience. For these folks, an online DVD rental service is ideal.

Some Advantages of Online DVD Rental Services

Online DVD rental services are the product of years and years of researching and refining the ways in which consumers get their entertainment. The most consistent findings are that video store members hate the inconvenience of trekking out to the store and not finding the titles they want. On top of that, their selections are typically due back in a few days, which now means two separate trips.

As if that weren't enough, consumers are constantly saddled with late fees, which oftentimes add up to more than the retail cost of the movie itself. There's no greater slap in the face than paying $20 worth of late fees for a four-day lapse when the same title is sitting there at Wal-Mart or Best Buy for $15. And, curiously, some video stores seem to keep strange hours, so even when you think you've "beaten the clock" you somehow still manage to get smacked with a surcharge on your next visit.

Internet DVD Rental Services Eliminate These Problems

The good news is, you can toss your Blockbuster or Hollywood Video card and stop getting milked for fees, inconvenienced by missing titles, and generally frustrated with your current service.

Once you register with an online DVD rental company, you'll wonder why you even kept your video membership as long as you did. You'll join the millions of customers who now sit back, choose their entertainment from their computers, and have their flicks sent to them--no due dates and no late fees. And, best of all, the postage and handling are already paid!

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