Dvd Rental Club

Written by Rylee Newton
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When DVDs were first introduced many retailers chose to stick with videotapes. Maybe it was a cost issue, or maybe they thought DVDs were just a trend. Either way, most movie rental companies have embraced the higher quality and unique features you'll only find on the DVD format. Whether you're a movie buff or just like to rent movies occasionally, joining a DVD rental club can save you time and money.

The Perks of Your DVD Rental Club

When you join a DVD rental club you save money every time you rent a movie. Rather than paying a per rental fee, you pay a flat rate. Normally movie clubs offer monthly rates, or a flat rate for a certain number of films. Because they often offer unlimited movies, clubs also help prevent you from incurring late fees.

When you join a movie rental club you also receive first pick on today's top DVD rentals. You may receive special offers through the mail or online. Many companies offer additional perks to their club members, like two for one coupons, and discounts on movie sales.

Online Clubs

If you don't like the long-term commitment of a DVD rental club, you may want to look into the many websites dedicated to online DVD rental. Many times sites offer you a free trial sample. If you don't like the service you can cancel any time. Most of them offer unlimited movies for around $20 a month. If you rent just four movies a month from your local video store, you're saving money with an offer like this.

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