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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Membership in a DVD rental club has many advantages over renting movies from traditional video stores. DVD rental clubs operate as mail order services, allowing customers to rent and return movies from their own homes, without having to worry about returning DVDs to the video store on time, or incurring late fees for overdue rentals. Convenience is only one benefit of using a mail order DVD rental service. Many of these companies also prove to be preferable to video stores when it comes to price, selection, and customer service.

Most brick-and-mortar video rental stores rent out DVDs for a set rental period that is usually anywhere from a day to a week. When customers fail to return a DVD within the allotted time, the store begins to charge additional late fees to the customer's account. Some stores even charge late fees on a daily basis, regardless of the DVDs rental period. This means that, even though you might have paid for a DVD with a five day rental period, you can be charged an additional late fee equal to the full rental price for each day the film is overdue.

Mail order DVD rental services eliminate late fees by renting DVDs for an unlimited period. Instead of placing limits on how long a customer is entitled to keep a DVD, the service restricts how many movies a customer can rent at once. Most companies allow three DVD rentals at a time. As a result, customers must return a DVD in order to rent another one. Returning DVDs by mail is made easy by the addressed, postage-paid envelopes that accompany each rental.

The limited rental periods and accompanying late fees associated with traditional video stores have been the source of frustration for many customers. For example, if you rent a movie from a store, yet somehow can't find the time to watch it before it's due, you have a choice between either returning the DVD without ever seeing it, or paying the late charges for every additional day you keep the movie. Either way, you're wasting money for something you already paid for. DVD rental clubs allow you to return movies at your leisure, without having to throw your money away.

DVD Rental Club Advantages

In addition to lacking late fees, DVD rental services offer are much more economical than video stores. While most video stores charge you for each movie rental, mail order DVD services require only a monthly fee in order to receive unlimited rentals for that month. Most DVD rental clubs allow you to rent three films at a time, which must be returned in order to receive more movies. As a result, for a single fee, you're entitled to rent as many DVDs as you can receive and return. With most services, this fee is roughly equal to the cost of renting four DVDs from a video store. This means that, by the time you receive your second shipment of three DVD rentals, you're already ahead for the month.

Online and mail order DVD rental clubs can also offer a vast selection of titles to rival or exceed the stock of even the largest video store chains. When you initially subscribe to a DVD rental service, you can browse their DVD inventory in order to compile a wish list of your top rental choices. As you receive and return DVDs, your selections are shipped to you according to availability and preference. This ensures that you always wind up with a movie you want to see, even if all the copies of your top choice are currently rented out.

Browsing for DVD rentals is made more convenient by DVD rental service websites. If you were to browse through a local video store, you would most likely be limited to searching for films by genre. However, the online resources of most DVD rental clubs allow you to cross reference the DVD inventory in a variety of ways. This means you can search for films by director, writer, star, plot, release date, and other keywords. A lot of film fans find this to be great for not only locating specific movies, but for discovering new films as well.

Online DVD rental services provide customers with many other tools for making an informed decision DVD selection. The online catalogs of most services feature additional information for each title. This can include reviews, as well as comments left by other customers who have rented the film. Many services also provide recommendations for similar movies, based on plot keywords, genre, and the suggestions of other customers.

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