Dvd Rental Club

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A DVD rental club offers a myriad of benefits for movie fans. Chief among these is unlimited access to all the films you could ask for with no due dates or late fees. Keep your DVDs as long as you please, and watch them over and over again--all for one fixed price.

You can make all your DVD rentals simple by joining an online service that's designed for your convenience. You choose the movies you want, in the order you want to see them, and your online DVD rental service sends them to you with postage-paid return sleeves. The quality is guaranteed as well, so if your discs are scratched or broken, the company will send a replacement immediately.

More Perks of a DVD Rental Club

When you join a DVD rental club, you get all the latest releases as well as Hollywood classics and lesser-known titles that can be hard to find at Blockbuster. Many of the "big box" retailers such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart must answer to stodgy corporate board members bent on preserving a "family" image, which makes it difficult to find many common titles with "objectionable" content. With your online DVD rental, there's nobody to curtail your choices.

Another great feature of your service is its automatic billing. There's no need to send a check every month (unless you want to) or call in to pay your bills by phone. Most online rental services allow you to sign up for automated withdrawals from your checking account, so you can concentrate on the more important business of watching movies.

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