Dvd Rental By Mail

Written by Wes Farrell
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Many consumers find mail-order DVD rental services to be highly preferable to traditional video stores. The convenience of ordering and returning movies from home is one of may advantages offered by DVD mail-order services. More renters are also choosing mail-order services due to their lower rental cost, wider selection, and lack of additional late fees.

Late fees are a major annoyance for many video store customers. Frequently, video stores charge varying rental and late fees, according to whether or not the film is a new release, or whether the VHS or DVD version is rented. These stores also use different rental periods for these different categories, meaning older films can be rented for a week, but new releases must be returned the next day. As a result of the confusion that can accompany these various rules, many renters find themselves stuck with late fees after returning a film past the due date. Even more frustrating is the practice of applying additional late fees for every day the film is overdue, regardless of the length of the rental period. Mail-order DVD services help you avoid late fees and excessive charges by using a more efficient system than that utilized in most video stores.

DVD Rental By Mail Services

When you rent DVDs by mail, you usually start by selecting many movies from the service's website or catalog. The first three available DVDs on your list are then mailed to you. For a monthly fee, these companies forgo late fees and due dates, allowing you to keep the DVDs as long as you want to, but requiring that they be returned in order for you to receive your next three choices. The once-monthly fee generally covers all rentals made in the month, three at a time, which you can receive as fast as you can return the previous rentals.

Many customers enjoy how most mail-order DVD rental services take all of the hassle and extra charges out of renting movies. Instead of having to worry about late fees, returning movies, due dates, and other annoyances, consumers can simply pay their monthly fee, select the movies they want to rent, and then automatically receive their selections throughout the month.

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