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Written by Wes Farrell
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My favorite part of using a DVD rental site is being able to access a wealth of information and opinions about every title. If you rent DVDs from a video store, your only information about each movie can be found on the back of the DVD case, in the form of a hyper sales pitch (Have you ever noticed that nearly every sentence on the back of every movie case features an exclamation point?) and carefully selected review blurbs. However, if you're browsing for DVDs using a rental site, you can usually access numerous reviews of each film, along with comments from other customers who have rented the DVD.

In addition to reviews and customer opinions, many DVD rental sites can help you discover new movies in ways that traditional video stores cannot. By using cross-referencing the keywords in each DVDs description, many rental sites can offer recommendations for similar films. As a result, if you're looking for something new, but not sure where to begin, you can look up some of your favorite movies and check which DVDs are recommended for fans of those films.

DVD Rental Site Features

Some DVD rental sites even incorporate customer feedback into their DVD recommendations. This allows renters to suggest their own recommendations for similar titles. A few sites even allow customers to rate each rental after viewing it, providing customer average rating that you can use when deciding what to rent.

Online DVD rental sites are also capable of letting you browse through titles in a number of ways that are rarely possible at video stores. Video stores generally sort their films by genre, and display the DVDs alphabetically in sections designated for each genre. This excludes the new release titles, which are usually displayed together, regardless of genre. This limits your browsing to a particular category, such as comedy, drama, or horror. However, many DVD rental sites allow you to browse their inventory using keywords that can help you locate an isolate possible rental selections. For example, instead of only searching for a particular genre of film, you can search for all movies by the same director, writer, or featuring the same actor. Most sites also allow you to view possible selections based on key words and even plot.

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