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Written by Wes Farrell
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When you rent movies from a DVD rental store, you always have to make sure you return the DVDs on time in order to avoid being charged extra fees. If, for any reason, you rent a movie but fail to find the time to watch it before the due date, you can either return it, meaning you paid for nothing, or begin to incur extra fees for every day the DVD is late. DVD rental services provide an alternative to the late charges and rental periods of traditional video stores.

When you rent DVDs from a rental service, as opposed to a DVD store, you pay a monthly flat fee that entitles you to unlimited rentals throughout the month. You can usually rent three movies at a time, which take anywhere from one to three days to arrive. After you watch your selections, you can easily return the discs by placing them in the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelopes provided by the rental service. As soon as the service receives your returned movies, your next three choices are sent to your house. This is in contrast to the payment plans of video stores, which charge you for every rental. Because the flat fee for rental services is about equivalent to the cost of renting for new release DVDs from a video store, you're already saving money using a rental service by the time you receive your second shipment of three DVDs.

DVD Rental Stores vs. DVD Rental Services

Not only can you save money due to the flat monthly flat fee of rental services, but also by avoiding the late fees used by DVD rental stores. While stores usually rent out movies for a specified period, rental services allow you to keep your selections for as long as you need to, but requires that a film be returned for each new selection that is shipped to you. This keeps the DVDs in circulation without relying on the late fees that video stores use as an incentive to encourage timely rental returns.

A common complaint among many video store customers is that, while larger video store chains usually lack a selection of obscure, specialty, or independent films, the smaller video stores that do carry those titles can't afford to stock multiple copies of each film, meaning your top choices might frequently be out of stock. Online DVD rental services offer a wide, and greatly varied selection of titles, as well as enough copies of each title to satisfy customer demands.

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