Dvd Rentals

Written by Serena Berger
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For some people, renting a movie and seeing it once is enough. Others want to purchase a few of their favorite movies but mostly are content to rent--even if they end up renting some beloved movies multiple times. Others are almost overwhelmingly compelled to buy movies--and not just movies that they love, but movies of all types and genres. Movies which they might want to have around to watch when friends come over, when they have a date for dinner, or for some hazy hypothetical situation which might someday arise all exert the siren allure.

It's no more fruitful to tell a cinemaphile to cut back on movie purchases than it is to tell a chocoholic to bypass the Godiva store--but there are ways to save money and be savvy about acquiring movies. For example, wouldn't it be nice to eliminate some of those purchases which were made when you opted to buy the DVD instead of renting it because you were "probably going to end up buying it anyway"? If you belong to an online DVD rental club, you can rent movies for ridiculously low prices and then buy the copies used if you actually like them.

Rent DVDs with the Option to Buy

It's a lot more tempting to make an impulse purchase of a video when you're in the store and it's right there in front of you. An attractive box cover, flickering fluorescent lighting, or the exhilaration of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean on 12 screens simultaneously can go to your head. Next thing you know, you've purchased three more DVDs--one of which you'd never even heard of before. If you're using an online store for your DVD purchases and rentals, you can browse and rent a movie per day if you want to, but you're more likely to purchase only the ones you actually watch and enjoy.

You can have as much fun browsing an online video store as you do at a physical location. You can browse by genre, new releases, or good old alphabetical order of literally tens of thousands of movies. You can even open up your favorite online movie review site at the same time to cross reference anything that seems interesting as you browse the rentals. The movies that you choose can be sent to your home the very next day.

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