Educational Dvd

Written by Serena Berger
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DVDs can be a great resource for learning as well as entertainment. Many skills can be demonstrated better through video than through text, and most children learn better by being shown something than by being left to read about it on their own. This is true in a variety of fields, from history to geography, math to spelling. With DVDs, viewers can skip to particular sections of interest, providing a significant advantage over VHS tapes.

Fitness is as important for children as some of the academic skills they have to master. There are some fitness DVDs that are specifically intended to get young people into a fun and healthy routine. While adults may want fitness DVDs with serious personal trainers leading them through intense routines with specialized equipment, children often learn to enjoy keeping fit with DVDs featuring singing and dancing with some of their favorite characters from educational children's programs.

If you are doing research on historical figures or places, you may be able to find a number of documentaries available on DVD. This may be most convenient when you are first starting out on a project, as it can provide you with an overview before you get into the details. As with books, you should be sure to understand who is conveying the information, as the creator of the DVD may have certain biases in the information that they present or omit.

Instruction in Educational DVDs

Some educational DVDs provide instruction in specific areas. For example, if you are learning how to use your computer or a particular application, a DVD that demonstrates how to use it could be helpful and easier to follow than a textbook. Educational DVDs geared toward children are also available that provide knowledge in particular areas, such as geography and foreign languages.

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