Educational Dvd Rental

Written by Wes Farrell
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The A&E Network has produced an impressive library of educational DVDs available for rent. These informative, entertaining DVDs cover subjects including history, mythology, science, politics, religion, entertainment, and more.

A&E's "Paul Revere: The Midnite Rider" DVD is an in depth look at one of the most iconic figures of the American Revolution. The documentary attests that the common perception of Paul Revere, heavily influenced by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow's famous 1861 poem, is somewhat inaccurate. However, the film reveals that the real Paul Revere was every bit as significant a patriot as many of the founding fathers.

Educational DVD Rental Choices

The A&E DVD collection also includes many religious studies titles. "Mysteries of the Bible," is an intriguing documentary that examines several key biblical events in a historical context. "Apocalypse - The Puzzle of Revelation" looks at biblical end-times prophecies. "Archenemy" is an interesting, newly released DVD from the A&E Network, chronicling the Philistines in the Bible.

Children and adults alike can enjoy educational DVDs from A&E, like "The Haunted History of Halloween," and "The Salem Witch Trials. In addition, the "Modern Marvels" series of DVDs chronicles the history of many significant inventions, structures, and accomplishments, such as the television, Brooklyn Bridge, fireworks, and baseball parks.

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