Educational Dvd Rental

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Lost in the shuffle of top action flicks, romances, psycho-thrillers, and slapstick comedies is the educational DVD rental. Most kids would rather do battle with aliens, take zany road trips, and fall in love than brush up on their WWII history. After all, that's what school's for, right?

In actuality, there are kids who feel that learning doesn't just end once the bell rings at 3 o'clock. And many of them take in interest in far more than bloody battle re-enactments, too. Educational stalwarts such as The History Channel and National Geographic offer fantastic series on everything from wildlife to space exploration, and there are plenty of kids who find these fascinating enough to add them to their online DVD rental queues.

Other Educational DVD Rental Tactics

Some parents believe tricking their children into learning is a pillar of good parenting. You know these parents (or maybe you are one yourself)--they find learning programs that are gussied up as "entertainment," then subject their children to a series of installments. Of course, most kids are way too bright not to see this coming, and pretty soon they return to the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy instead.

Other parents encourage their kids to make educational DVD rentals in lieu of reading. They fear that their kids won't get their required work done to pass a literature or history class, and so educational DVDs become a surrogate. You could make a good argument that renting 'The Great Gatsby' in place of actually reading it is preferable to having no exposure to it whatsoever. With this as their rationale, some parents and kids alike make learning part of their DVD movie rental program.

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