Foreign Movie Rental

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Foreign movie rentals don't tend to be the most popular choices at most video rental stores. Many people find the pace of European films in particular a bit slow for their tastes and frequently aren't familiar with foreign actors. Then there's the matter of small, inscrutable subtitles as well, which, while still better than a bad dub job, can be challenging in its own right.

Nevertheless, there are many film fans who make a steady diet of foreign fare. To call oneself a true cineaste requires a well-rounded education in films of all styles and from all cultures. Even if American audiences aren't as familiar with Fellini or Kurosawa as they are with Michael Bay, that doesn't mean DVD rental stores are about to tear down their foreign sections altogether.

Foreign Movie Rentals Through Your Online Service

You can find the latest imports from Mexico, France, Israel, Japan, and a host of other countries with prolific national cinemas through your DVD rental club. As with video stores, these online programs rarely specialize in foreign film, but many do offer a substantial selection of leading titles. Every now and then, as with 'Amores Perros' or 'The Pianist,' a foreign-born director takes American audiences by storm, sending droves of film fans out to the stores to find their latest releases.

Foreign movie rentals can be a great change of pace from the virtually indistinguishable action flicks released on American soil. Though many of these titles require a deeper investment in the material, that investment is often rewarded as audiences come to grasp wholly new ideas from other cultures. The art form's ability to transcend those linguistic barriers to make an emotional impact is one of its greatest virtues.

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