Funny Movies

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the most popular selections at the local video store is the comedy genre. Comedies offer a way to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life. They allow us to laugh at our world. From the slapstick comedy of earlier years, to the gross out comedies of today, funny movies have kept up us in stitches for decades.

When it comes to funny movies there have been some classic performances, from Richard Pryor in "The Toy," to Bill Murray in "Caddyshack," to Steve Martin in "The Jerk." If you want to look further back to the roots of comedy, you'll investigate the slapstick styling of the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, and Laurel and Hardy.

Funny Movies for the Young, and the Young at Heart

There's a funny movie for every taste. In recent times we've seen the development of gross-out movies like "There's Something About Mary," and "American Pie." They were huge hits, especially with teenage audiences who relate to best to their content. People like Johnny Knoxville and Tom Green have become popular pranksters among the teenage set.

One of the most popular choices among funny movies is the romantic comedy. These are good movies to rent for every occasion from a first date to a slumber party, to a night at home trying to get over the blues. There is something uplifting about watching people in the awkward search for true love. People rent movies to escape reality, and relieve the tension of everyday life. Nothing does both these things quite like a good laugh.

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