Game Cube Games

Written by Serena Berger
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The Game Cube from Nintendo has a library of hundreds of games that can provide fun for the entire family. Many Game Cube Games feature characters that have appeared on earlier Nintendo systems. Perhaps the most recognized of these characters is Mario from Super Mario Brothers.

After three versions of the game on the original Nintendo, players still could not get enough of Mario and Luigi, the plumbers who accidentally ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom. The new wave of games featuring Mario and his friends provide a host of possibilities beyond proceeding in a linear fashion across a screen filled with enemies. Some are racing games, such as Super Mario Kart, while others contain several types of games, such as Mario Party.

Games Made Only for Nintendo
Nintendo has several characters and games that you will not find on any other console. In addition to the Mario series of games available on the Game Cube, games such as Metroid and Pokemon games will only appear on Nintendo systems. Some of these proprietary characters date back to the original Nintendo, such as Link from the Zelda games. Though the characters may not have changed, the games have been updated to take full advantage of new technology that allows for better graphics than anyone who played the original version of Zelda would have thought possible.

The appearance of the console might give the impression that only children will enjoy these games. There are games, however, that even college students enjoy playing and have been known to spend late night hours locked in competition. Super Smash Brothers Melee, Mario Party 5 and Super Monkey Ball are just some of the titles that provide endless hours of fun for players of any age.

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