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Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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"Rise of Nations" is currently one of the most popular PC game rentals. This strategic game starts with the classic war gaming simulation, and takes it several steps farther. Players develop a nation, starting in ancient times, and attempt to maintain it through the present. Along the way, gamers build armies, industries, cities, and cultures, while competing against other civilizations for world domination.

"Star Craft" is another popular PC game rental. This sci-fi epic is similar in ways to "Rise of nations," as it allows players to simulate the creation and maintenance of an entire culture. However, "Star Craft" players must also pit their civilizations in constant battle against alien worlds, and even hostile humans. The game also has a multiplayer online feature, allowing numerous gamers to battle each other over the Internet.

Popular Game PC Rental Selections

"The Sims," a PC game simulating everyday events, may not sound like too much fun, but many gamers consider it one of the most addictive PC games around. Players create families of characters to populate a small town, and then set about making sure the characters (called "Sims") have food, shelter, friends, jobs, furniture, and more. When you create a character, you must calibrate their personality by assigning levels to such traits as temper, cleanliness, and sense of humor. As your Sims encounter various situations and characters, their actions are dictated by these levels.

The Sims get jobs, buy houses, get married, have children, get fired, and do a host of other activities. Players can choose which characters to manipulate, but the Sims will continue to interact on their own, even if left unattended. This can make for quite an unpredictable and addictive gaming experience.

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